American Recycling Services offers many options when it comes to buying and selling scrap metals and recycled industrial products. Get top dollar for recycled metals.

What we buy:

As a General Rule if it’s metal we buy it!, from small trinkets and projects floating around the garage, to appliances, and farm machinery.  These items all have intrinsic value.  Of course our retail operation purchases all your pop cans, and old pots and pans.  In Addition to Metal, American Recycling purchases, Processes, and Sells a wide assortment of Post Industrial Plastics.  From Oil and Gas Lines, to extruded HDPE Sheet, we sell it all.  We serve demanding customers all across North America, as well as the Far and Near East.  we sell Ground, and Pulverized Prime and Secondary Polymers, From Right here in the Buckeye State to China.

Imports and Exports of Recycled Material

At American Recycling, we access foreign markets as well.  Some items cannot be recycled in the United States, due to state and Federal environmental regulations many “Low Grade” items are shipped to places such as India, and China.  Here they are dismantled and remelted.  Most folks do not know this but Turkey is the largest Importer of US Steel Scrap.  China, India, and Vietnam are our largest consumers of Polymers and Plastics.

Commercial and Industrial Recycling

Our Commercial Division handles Scrap metal from manufacturers, be they a small shop that only needs a tub or two, to large industrial manufactures that required spotted vans and trailers or Box’s. our extensive list of available equipment, can fit the bill.

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